GENEVA Group Inc.

GENEVA Group began life as a Massachusetts engineering technology and systems company and the first contract provided support for analysis and design of an engine for an advanced pilotless airplane.

As founder, I financed GENEVA Group with consulting projects based on my personal business application skills and industry knowledge.  Consulting projects focused on design of new products, business analysis of emerging companies and management solutions for troubled business operations.


My enthusiasm for creating applications for engine diagnostic technology developed at MIT led to product design and sale of automotive engine test systems with graphic touch screen controls.


Recognizing limits of our mini-computer products and excited by emerging markets for personal computer applications I guided the company to develop new services and technology responding to customer demand for desktop computers, small business networks and business software.  We enjoyed considerable success installing and supporting personal computers, small business servers, Novell Netware, office applications and accounting software.


GENEVA entered the twenty first century as a boutique with two lines of business, management consulting and value added reseller (VAR) of business computer applications including Navision, a middle market ERP application.  GENEVA operations were aligned with the Microsoft Partner Program when Navision was purchased by Microsoft.


ERP projects during this time included several large company and multi-company implementations and GENEVA developed expertise in distribution/supply chain and human capital management (HCM).  Consulting activity was also dynamic in the first decade of the twenty first century when I engaged with customers in the roles of "acting as" CIO, CEO and Executive Coach.  

I sold the GENEVA Group Microsoft Partner business to Admiral IT Group in the fall of 2012 and merged it with other acquired operations under the banner of Admiral IT US, Inc.  The Admiral IT Group was restructured in mid-2013.  I sold operations of Admiral IT US, Inc. and merged remaining assets of brand into GENEVA Group Inc. 


GENEVA Group retains its original name and branding as a holding company and supports the business and professional activities of its founder.


Our Team


Joe M. Rife, PhD

jmr@genevagrp.com | Phone: 617-347-8362

Janet review.png

Janet Rife, Controller

jbr@genevagrp.com | Phone: 617-943-5095

I am founder and principal consultant for GENEVA Group Inc. Independent, creative and resourceful, I apply experiences as a mechanical engineer, serial entrepreneur and academic to help startup companies find their feet. 

A Kansas farm boy, I came to Boston as a first year student and earned three degrees at MIT. 

Janet Rife is the financial officer of GENEVA Group Inc. Highly respected as a teacher in the business department of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, she joined GENEVA Group on retirement and consults with startups as a general accountant 

Janet is a Kansas farm girl with degrees from Fort Hays State University and Boston University.


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