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Designed to Address Your Business Needs
Coaching: Focus on Business

The dynamics of managing an organization can be overwhelming. I help executives make effective decisions in an uncertain and rapidly changing business environment.

We work together on goals and challenges of business leadership, governance, finance, organization dynamics, communication and relationships.

Benefits include:

  • enhanced leadership ability 

  • stronger strategic planning skills

  • better decision-making

  • improved goal setting and execution

  • ability to inspire and motivate teams,

  • confident communication

  • improved working relationships

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Strategic Workshops

Successful strategic plans encapsulate goals developed and committed to by the team members accountable for implementing process and actions and working with people affected by them.

Process outputs include:

  • targets

  • forecasts

  • strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

  • strategic decisions

  • implementation and alignment

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Training and Development

Strategic training programs prepare managers and employees with skills to complete their work tasks efficiently and effectively and help them meet your company's main goals.

My training programs focus on building shared process and procedures that improve organizational alignment, increase productivity and reduce opportunity for errors and conflict.

Specific programs focus on managing:

  • product design and development

  • team building, recruitment and promotion

  • business development and sales

  • customer service management

  • finance, budgeting and investment  

  • organizational change and succession

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Forums and Networking

Founders and executives of emerging companies share similar problems. I organize and moderate forums that bring together peers to share diverse perspectives on core business issues.

Benefits include:

  • objective, experienced peer advice

  • perspective on alternate success models

  • better understanding of complex issues

  • insights to expert thinking on major trends

  • improved leadership ability

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