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Erik Modahl

Ting-Yun Huang, PhD

Thanks for believing in me as a person. From the beginning you challenged the effectiveness of beantrust’s mission, vision and scope. Often asking what I am doing then quickly followed by if I am making money?

It has been almost 4 years since securing the first beantrust customers. I am now enjoying the satisfaction of building beantrust with a solid foundation. Your crisp, to the point voice has been a model that I’ve applied in my coaching others.

Thank you for your constant encouragement. Appreciate you very much, Joe.


Erik Modahl

cultivates community through coffee


I had the honor to work with Joe. With deep technical background and business knowledge, Joe always provided multiple solution paths and helped me choose the one that worked the best for me.

When I was in my journey with difficult situations (co-founder departures, negotiation of commercial contracts etc), Joe was the one I always turned to.


You can always speak with Joe openly and he is always ready to help.

Sasha Huang

CEO Founder, AquaFresco


Katya Headshot.jpg

Yekaterina Kovbasa

Alison Greenlee.jpg

Alison Greenlee, PhD

I had many business and product ideas but did not know where to start, what questions to ask and what steps to take next.


After Joe became my coach, I was able to generate and think about questions that help me navigate the startup process and find solutions critical to the success of my product and business.


I am really grateful to Joe for his time and guidance.

Katya Kovbasa

Entrepreneur, Construction Management


Joe works with me a couple hours a week -- probably 15 hours monthly. Roughly 25% of my good ideas were originally his. His guidance was critical in navigating a rocky relationship with board members and developing a plan to bring in an executive team. 

I get to decisions/plans a lot faster with his help -- really important for me to bounce ideas off another entrepreneur who "gets me" and what I'm going through.

Alison Greenlee, PhD

Founder, Leading Edge Crystal Technologies



Ivan Wang, PhD

Joe mentored me in all areas of my professional life for over six years. 


He consistently provides me with insightful and actionable advice drawn from his rich career as a technologist, manager, and entrepreneur. 

I value our relationship immensely. I would not be the leader I am today without his support.

Ivan Wang, PhD

Principal Mechanical and Automation Engineer | Co-Founder and  CTO Dynamo-Micropower


Katherine E. MacDonald

Joe is an incredibly unique coach and leader.  He has the experience of being an operator and an executive and this makes his coaching and mentorship one of a kind. 


Joe's ability to coax the best results out of an individual are second to none.  He is patient, diligent, dedicated, and people focussed.  I can't recommend him highly enough to leaders looking to level up and bring their performance to a new level. 

Katie MacDonald

Assistant Director Technology to Market at NYSERDA

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